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Welcome to the Cosy Container Crew! We are a dedicated group of teenage girls who are into clean, wholesome creative writing!

Why Cosy Container?

We used to meet in a shipping container on Eve's family's land, before we became too widespread. Nowadays we just meet online. But in the old days, we'd crank on the heater, relax on the couches and bean bags, grab out the white board and brainstorm. Thus, the Cosy Container Crew.

What Do We Do?

We write. We set writing challenges, write pass along stories, edit and critique each other's work, and cheer one another on. We've realized that this is something we love, and we practice to become better at it. And we would like you to help us!

Why the Blog?

We want a platform where we can share our stories, and start "publishing" our work. Most of us are working on our own individual books, and this is a way we can get our name out into the big wide world. Let's face it, how many publishers are even willing to consider a gaggle of teenage girls with first drafts of their first books?

So you can help us just by being patient with us, reading our maiden efforts (pun intended) and letting us practice on you. This is the best way we could possibly ever ask you to support us! Thanks for doing that right now!