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Here are the members of the crew!

Eve Tyger - President

Hi, I'm a passionate writer, reader, and musician, and was delighted to find that others share my manias. I was elected the President on the first day, and I'm still figuring out why. I love all weapons, but especially swords, knifes, riffles and archery. My favorite genres are Fantasy and Detective fiction. I'm currently writing two books, and have a twelve book fairytale rewrite series planned out. I am also earning a Bachelors degree in Music at the moment. One of my greatest hopes is that my writing will be a blessing in this world!

Donna Rose Smith - Vice President

Hey! I share a love of reading and illustrating through written word with the rest of these awesome people! I've started on a couple of books or short stories, but I must admit the others are a lot more dedicated than me to their extended novels... As the sarcastic Vice-President, I edit part of the content on this blog. My (logical?) mind seems to retain a lot of useless information, which is both useful and relatively annoying for writing ideas; did you know that the little tags on the end of your shoelaces are called aglets?

Genevieve Fernsby - Secretary

Hello there:) I am the secretary of the CCC's. I don't think that I need to say I love writing, because if I didn't I wouldn't be part of this incredible group of young women! There are many reasons why I write but here are two: 1) I can't often find the books I want to read and 2) because I have so many stories to tell... which is a bit of a curse because I'm always starting a new story and have only finished one so far.

Taya Swyndler - Treasurer

Hello good people of Earth, I love English and grammar, and will read almost anything, does not matter how weird it is, I'm sure I will love it and read it a hundred times!  I have fun experimenting with stories and languages, and enjoy editing.  I am in my second to last year of homeschooling.  Must have coffee or tea in the morning. I love movies and weird facts, and am usually in pjs. I often come up with random ideas but haven't managed to make a story within the chaos. Yet. I mostly proofread my buddies' work and scribble ideas into old diaries.

P.S. We use pen names, cause, why not? It's fun!