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Beginner's Guide to Friendship with a Bookworm; Movie Night

Beginner's Guide to Friendship with a Bookworm; Movie Night

. 1 min read

If you have a bookworm for a friend you will know the struggles of "Movie Night". These two words might even make you shudder. Who wants to watch a movie with a friend only to have them say "that never happened in the book", "That is not how his name is pronounced!" and most common of all "The book is better than the movie". All bookworms are guilty of saying these things and have had to learn to bite their tongues (or are yet to learn to).

Though many bookworms can't stand crude remakes of their favorite books there may be some films that they are smitten over. A great question to ask is "What's your favorite movie?" You will either be subjected to a blank stare with "I rEaD", the "I don't really have a favorite" or the "ISJNSKJNRUGH  TJGNTKJGN!!!!!! I thought you'd never ask!!!" and then a long description of the plot of the film you may or may not have heard of. This, of course, cannot be helped for bookworms are a breed apart and can often be found fan girling (or boying!)

There are many ways to make Movie Night something special for you and your bookworm. Taking time to build a pillow fort, for example, would make the night memorable and enjoyable for those evolved. A supply of goodies is always a good idea! Especially if you've done your research and discovered your bookworm's favorite treats.

You may be subjected to long, almost bizarre, facts about the costumes of the films, the events that took place during film production  or tidbits of information about the place the story takes place in and historical events.

Although Movie Night can be a nightmare, it is a lot of fun when done right for you and your bookworm pal.