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Book Review #19 - Going Postal

Book Review #19 - Going Postal

. 1 min read

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Okay... I love reading... I love posting letters... so when I discovered there was actually a BOOK about MAIL I was all in and I would just like to say I was NOT disappointed!

If you are a snail-mail fanatic like me then this is the book for you! Set in the "Disc World", the story follows the con-artist Moist Von Lipwig and tells the tale of how he is 'employed' by Lord Vetinari to reopen the decayed and abandoned Post Office...which is filled to the brim with unsent letters almost a century old.

Filled with puns, metaphors and randomness, this book throws the reader into a wild and unexpected adventure!

Although this book is number 33 in the Disc World series there is no need for you to have read any other books by Terry Pratchett. In fact, I'd say this novel is more of a entry level to his writing style, humour and satire. However, do not make the assumption that because it is somewhat easier to read it is no less worth reading! Going Postal is masterfully written and there is very little reason why anyone shouldn't read it.

In all honesty, I don't suggest this this book to anyone under the age of 13; Terry Pratchett is certainly an author for older readers.

Two amusing quotes from Going Postal that have very little to do with the plot:

“Look, he said to his imagination, if this is how you're going to behave, I shan't bring you again.”

“See a pin and pick it up, and, all day long, you'll have a pin.”

So, if you're looking for a book that is going to keep you from 'going postal' yourself, this might be it. Why not give it a try?