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Writing Challenge #9 - Writing Prompts No.2

Writing Challenge #9 - Writing Prompts No.2

. 1 min read

For this challenge, you have up to one thousand words to write a story using one, or more, of these writing prompts...easy right!? And if you decide you like what you're writing, then biff the word count and get creative!

"It ain't fair!"

"I have had it with you!"

"The exotic [fill in the blank] lives [same here] and its diet consists of star debris"

"The green dress was the wrong colour for her... it made her look like she was about to puke"

"Of all the inconceivable...idiotic... unimaginable things to do..."

"She had a long, crooked nose, large ears and yet, she was still considered the fairest of them all"

"Once upon a time, there lived a ogre."

"Help, I'm stuck inside this ___"

"I told you that it would hail today."