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Writing Challenge #6 Letter Writing

Writing Challenge #6 Letter Writing

. 1 min read

Isn't it interesting that with 26 letters we can write an estimated 171,146 words ?!

Challenge #5 is all about letters, but the other type! Here's what you do;

1) Before you write decide what the main purpose of your letter is. Is it to introduce yourself to a royal personage? Or is it to ask for assistance at the prison you work at? Or perhaps you are writing to a secret lover/admirer.

2) Write a letter to your character.
If you don't have any characters that's fine! Make up a character based on someone you know. You can moosh a few people together if you like.
You can write as either yourself or someone made up.

3) In your letter include one or more (or all, if you want) of the following;
A complaint (I do not like)
A complement (I do like or I thought)
Ask for something (recipe, directions, names, places etc.)
Include a secret (this cannot be known by any other living soul!)

And that's the challenge. If your character is more modern or sci-fi don't be afraid to change the format of the letter, it could be an email or a message sent by the stars, whatever you like!