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A Guide to Navigating John Flanagan's Books

A Guide to Navigating John Flanagan's Books

. 1 min read

Have you ever discovered an amazing author, or wonderful series, only to think, "Where do I start?". We are here to help!

John Flanagan's books are a favorite around this neck of the internet! But between his Rangers Apprentice series, The Brotherband series, The Royal Rangers and The Early Years, it's hard to figure out the order! Here are the books in chronological order, in other words the order of events, so you can read the story of the Flanagan's world from beginning to end (although he hasn't finished yet!).

  • The Early Years
  1. The Tournament at Gorlan
  2. The Battle at Hackham Heath
  • Ranger’s Apprentice
  1. The Ruins of Gorlan

2. The Burning Bridge

3. The Icebound Land

4. The Battle for Skandia(or The Oakleaf Bearers)

7. Erak’s Ransom

5. The Sorcerer in the North

6. The Siege of Macindaw

8.  The Kings of Clonmel

9.  Halt’s Peril

  • Brotherband
  1. The Outcasts
  2. The Invaders
  3. The Hunters
  • Ranger’s Apprentice

10.   The Emperor of Nihon-ya

11. The Lost Stories

  • Royal Ranger
  1. The Royal Ranger
  • Brotherband

4. The Slaves of Socorro

5. Scorpion Mountain

6. The Ghostfaces  

  • Royal Ranger

2. The Red Fox Clan

3. Duel at Araluen

  • Brotherband

7. The Caldera

8. Return of the Temujai

  • Royal Ranger

4. The Missing Prince

5. Escape From Falaise

John Flannagan's books deserve a good bit of time and attention, so why not get the best picture of this world that you can?