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Book Review #7 - Pride and Prejudice

Book Review #7 - Pride and Prejudice

. 1 min read

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

No spoilers... although it would be pretty difficult to give away anything  with so many plot twists!

You will hopefully have heard of this book as it is one of the more famous romantic classics. Understandably so.  It's hilarious in parts and tragic in others, romantic as can be or as practical as might be expected of early 19th century literature.  And every aspect of it is brimming with delightful wit and British humour. Allow yourself to laugh at the characters and their society - Pride and Prejudice originally considered to be a satire, anyway!

The story follows Elizabeth Bennet and her four sisters as they navigate the ups and downs of social life and etiquette, as well as contending with their mother's comic determination to see them all married as soon as she can.  The love interests come in the form of  tall, dark and fair, dashing men, and the ladies can hold a lively conversation with all manner of ladies and gentlemen alike.  The main character stays true to her core beliefs throughout the book and is an excellent role model of strength, honour, and dignity, even in the most difficult, and sometimes embarrassing situations.

Beware! Although written in early 19th century, this book consists of heart wrenching scandals, incredible gallantry and unexpected courtesy all within an inch of the other! A highly recommended read, rite of passage for becoming a part of honorable society.

Recommended for ages 10+, and definitely 100%.  There is nothing inappropriate, although the sophisticated style it is written with deems Pride and Prejudice for older readers. So settle down with your cup of tea and start reading!