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Book Review # 16 - Redwall

Book Review # 16 - Redwall

. 1 min read


Brian Jacques is a humorous and beautiful storyteller who brings the best and worst to life in his heart warming tales. These tales are not about the boring human race but of our smaller, furrier friends such as mice, moles, badgers, hares, squirrels and much more! These courageous little creatures battle deadly hordes of vermin (rats, stoats, ferrets, cats etc.) on numerous occasions and, more often than not, an epic quest to find help ensues.

Bravery, loyalty, kindness and some well deserved bad guy smashing is the order of the day. Though a little black and white when it comes to what is good and what is evil, the overarching themes of the books are sound.

As mentioned in our Five Books with Wonderful World Building post, the culture in this book/series is incredible. Each species speaks in their own quirky way and have their own abilities. Everything is consistent.

But what Redwall is most known for is its mouth watering food! If you aren't drooling as you read about candied chestnuts, strawberry fizz and fresh trout from the pond, there is something wrong with your salivary glands.

You needn't read the Redwall series in order, however it is suggested that you read the book titled "Redwall' first and  "Mattimeo" second. Personally I don't think this is essential, if you can get your hands on any of the books you'll be transported into a marvelously humorous  and breathtaking adventure.

I would suggest the Redwall series to anyone over the age of 10 and give it a much deserved 10/10.