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Book Review #8 - Treasure Island

Book Review #8 - Treasure Island

. 1 min read

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Who here doesn’t like a good swash-buckling adventure? If you do please continue reading. If you don’t I suggest you look at some of our other book reviews because this is one big Pirate Adventure!

At the beginning of Treasure Island we meet young Jim Hawkins (the protagonist) who helps out at the family inn, the Admiral Benbow, in England. One day, a mysterious man 'the Captain' takes a room. Let just say he drinks a lot of rum and one day confesses to young Jim to being a pirate and having a map to buried treasure! Sadly, shortly after this, Mr. Hawkins dies leaving Jim and his mother to tend to the inn themselves. One day a beggar comes looking for 'the Captain' to give him the black spot! A very dangerous thing for a pirate to have!

Well, I won’t spoil this epic adventure anymore! 'No spoilers' is our motto and it is a motto I plan to keep!

This book puts reader on the edge of their seats (or beds) - do not be surprised if you experience "WHAT? PLEASE HELP!" moments. Once read never forgotten! Treasure Island captures the reader and makes them consider piracy themselves!

Treasure Island themes include: 'coming of age', 'the idea of true friendship', 'greed' (this is a book about pirates) and 'doing the right thing'.

Young Jim experiences situations of life and death, also overcoming his own fears, creating a character for all to look up to.

I rate this book 110/100% (:P) and suggest it for readers of ages 10+. Happy Reading!