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Beginner's Guide to Friendship with a Bookworm: All Things Party Related

Beginner's Guide to Friendship with a Bookworm: All Things Party Related

. 2 min read

When it comes to parties, bookworms don't tend to willingly socialize unless they find more of their kind. Lets be honest, if you have a bookworm for a friend, you probably be having trouble getting them to go anywhere with you... especially to a party or large event (other than library, of course).

So, how to do you get them out of the house and away from their books?
Well, sometimes you just gotta roll with their obsession! Here are four ideas for you to try out:

#1. A Book Themed Party

Now, there are several ways this could go. You could try doing a book quiz night, or a dress up theme. Maybe even a night where you take turns reading out of a favourite book, each person as a different character. Try to choose someting you will all like, bookworm or no, so maybe choose a classic like Middle Earth or Narnia theme.

#2 A Picnic in the Park

This could be a success. Go to a place where the trees are covered with moss and are magical. That will get your bookworm away from their books! But be sure to go adventuring otherwise you'll find they've gone back to reading, just this time under a shady tree.

#3 A Movie Marathon

To be honest, this would only work if the movie was either exactly like the book (which we all know is never the case!) or the movie was better... which is small a possibility. (See our book review on The Princess Bride here). Some good ideas would be:

Pride and Prejudice (The mini series, of course!)

Marvel (Since comic books don't really count)

Lord of the Rings (The movies might not quite meet the standards of the book, but they are still amazing!)

#4 A Costumed Photoshoot!

Some of us Cosy Crewers did this a while ago and it was epic! Pick an era and dress up, and then choose a scenic spot outdoors with a sun set, and you will always have a suply of profile pics.

I hope this helps get your bookish friend to step away from their paper best friends and interact with their real bestie! Good luck!