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Writing Resources

Writing Resources

. 2 min read

This is a list of my (Eve's) personal favourite resources for the budding writer. I hope they help you on your writing journey, just like they did mine.

Young Writer's Workshop

This program is amazing... with lots of resources and helpful videos on all sorts of topics. You also get access to a private community with lots of like minded teens, were you can join accountability groups, and submit work for critiquing. It does cost a bit, but they have a pay what you can pay policy, so if you really don't think you can afford it, try contacting them and explain.

A Safe, Encouraging Place For Young Writers
Find your writing people.

Go Teen Writer's Blog

This amazing blog is run by three women, who provide very helpful and practical advice, as well as resources for writing your story. There is also a private Facebook community attached to the blog, were you can find other teen writers, discuss writing related questions and get advice.


Honestly the best investment! Campfire allows you to keep track of timelines, places, cultures, characters, religions, magic systems, items, weapons, and add pictures for everything. If you have trouble remembering all the tiny details that make a story come alive, this might be the program you are looking for!

Campfire - Tell Your Story
Campfire empowers writers with world-class organizational tools, educational resources, and a platform to build an audience. Desktop and mobile apps coming soon.

Steve Laube Agency

The largest Christian Writer's Agency, it's a good place to gain information about the world of publishing. The blog is especially informative. Besides, you never know when you might want an agent.


Finally, these are my favourite writing podcasts to listen to:

Helping Writers Become Authors - K.M. Weiland

Writing Excuses - Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and Mary Robinette Kowal

Creat If Writing - Kirsten Oliphant