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Book Review #5 - Percy Jackson

Book Review #5 - Percy Jackson

. 1 min read

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

There is much controversy among religious families as to whether it is appropriate for children to read books about gods.  Yes, gods.  In this case, the Greek gods of ancient mythology.  

Percy Jackson is a fun, lighthearted read for just about any age.  It is set in modern day Manhattan and is about a normal 12 year old boy who discovers that he is the son of a Greek God, a demigod.  Along with friends, mentors, and other demigods, he sets out to save the world from the evil Titan, Kronos.

This book series consists of five books.  Each book is about one year apart, and so by the end of the series Percy Jackson is 16 and has a girlfriend.  There are never any inappropriate scenes or words, only two kisses in the last book.  

These books are not anti-christian, but are fiction and should be thought of as such.  They are hilarious and easy to read.  They also have a few important morals such as honesty, kindness, bravery, loyalty, perserverance, and hope.  I would recommend these books to anyone over the age of 8, as long as thay understand that the magic and gods mentioned are not real.  90% recommended by mwah.

The author has written some following book series that continue Percy Jackson and his friends' stories.  These are definately for older readers as they are have more violence and more romance. probably 13yrs +