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Book Review #17 - Mistborn Series

Book Review #17 - Mistborn Series

. 1 min read

If you want a good, solid, read this is the series for you! Brandon Sanderson is a truly clever writer who adds many twists and turns and quirky jokes that make the reader long for more. Set on an entirely different planet with supernatural abilities and lore, the story is completely unique.

Mistborn is the story of oppression, secrets, conspiracies and love sprinkled with humor and daring. But what really makes this book series shine are the characters and the worldbuilding. If you are a character or magic system orientated reader, this is the series for you!

A entirely new, complex yet systematic magic system waits within the pages of this series. Magic based on... swallowing metal flakes... and much more. Superheroes fly through the mist of night, their tattered cloaks flapping behind them, but will they be able to stop the tyrant and save their land?

The series is split into two trilogies (with a third trilogy coming), one set in a dark age, or medieval time with swords, and the second in a steampunk era with guns. It gives you chance to see how the world progresses through time, which is super exciting.

Here is the book order:

First Trilogy:

  • The Final Emperor
  • The Well of Ascension
  • The Hero of Ages

Second Trilogy:

  • The Alloy of Law
  • Shadows of Self
  • Bands of Mourning


Mistborn: Secret History

So if you are looking for a fantastical read, go to your library and check this one out. I promise, you won't regret it!

We give this series a 9.9999/10.