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Book Review #3 - Brave Bess

Book Review #3 - Brave Bess

. 1 min read

Brave Bess by Susan Brocker

Many books have been written and stories told about the brave ANZAC soldiers of World War one.  But there is one story that is seldom told. The story of their horses.  Of the 10,000 horses sent from New Zealand and Australia, only one returned home.  Her name was Bess.  This book gives us the story of Bess and the other horses as they fought valiantly alongside their human masters in the midst of a bloody war.  

The author tells us of the tender moments shared between men and horses, and illustrates the trust involved when fighting together.  She also writes in detail about the horrors and tragedies that occurred, making the book less suitable for very young readers.
It is a moving book, written more about the horses than soldiers, and focuses on the hardships the animals had to endure.  It would be a great nonfiction book to read for school, or for a project on the ANZACs.

The specific story is Bess’s journey and life during and after the war, but there are very few subplots seeing as this is a nonfiction book.  There are some stories about the soldiers and their friendships, and the other horses that Bess fought alongside.

The morals I got from this story were courage and bravery when protecting your friends, and trust among comrades.  I would recommend this book to anyone 10 years and over.  Although it is not a fun, light read, it is a worthwhile one, and a beautiful story. At least 90-95% rated by mwah.